Axalta 13010E Imron® AF700 Rheology Binder

Axalta Imron 13010E AF700 Imron Silica Binder

Axalta 13010E AF700 Imron® Rheology Binder

Imron® AF700™ is a Skydrol*-resistant acrylic/ polyester-based polyurethane coating designed to deliver excellent appearance, durability, and unparalleled color. This highsolids basecoat is available in solid, metalliceffect, and pearl-effect mixed colors.  Imron® AF700™ is ideal for accent stripes on business jets and single-engine aircraft, as well as dynamic body color on rotary-wing aircraft. Imron AF700 is a versatile system recommended for aviation/aerospace applications where premium color is essential in achieving designs—whether simple or complex; conservative or bold, from account stripes, split bases, overalls, rotary wing, jets or single engines, AF700 covers them all. Imron AF700 must be clearcoated to provide proper appearance and coating performance.

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