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Casher’s Autobody Supplies and Aviation Finishes


Providing Great Service Since 1940

Our History

Casher’s Inc. is a 83 year old, 3rd generation, family-owned business.  The company was founded in 1940 by Harry Casher to service the central Pennsylvania collision repair industry.  World War II interrupted the operations of the business, and Harry, at the age of 23, volunteered for service.  Harry’s wife Sylvia took responsibility for the business until Harry returned in 1946.  Having found creative and hard working solutions to life during the Great Depression and surviving the risks to life and limb during the war, Harry infused into Casher’s his high standards of character, truth, and empathy for his customers who needed financial assistance in starting or restarting their own businesses during this time.  Casher’s has evolved many times over the years and in its current state, has become a boutique single line DuPont paint and body shop supply house that is service intensive without losing any of the values or character that was infused by our founder Harry Casher.  Casher’s Inc. has brought together a team of dedicated employees who are skilled in many specific areas of our business; as a result, Casher’s Inc. has become adept at aiding customers with color match, shop layout and design, technical demonstrations and problem solving, hazardous product shipping, as well as developing a network of competent business consultants who specialize in the body shop trade. 

Our Services

Supply and deliver autobody paint and supplies to autobody and auto repair shops

Online autobody supply store

Aviation paints and finishes

Digital marketing and lead generation with directory membership websites.